7 comments on “Eastlit Live & Art News

      • You may publish any of my poems, if you acknowledge my authorship and link to my blog. The images may have to be checked, as I ‘borrowed’ some of them-hopefully legally!

      • I will take a look. Of course you would be acknowledged if any were published. I/we currently concentrate on poems from or connected to East Asia and South East Asia. In a few months will also be focusing on South Asia. If you have any poems that spring to mind in these categories, give me a heads up and it will speed things along.

      • In the blog, under my Poetry Category I have:
        To A Nightingale 4/2/2013; The Kisokaido Road and Stations of the Tokaido Road on 21/11/2012 and Chinese Whispers 11/3/2013.
        The images would have to be checked for copyright, or you could substitute others if you wish.
        See what you think. That’s all the Asian ones I have.

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